Introduction – My Summer Camp Plans

Hello everyone. This is my blog to get from 0 – 100 before my big summer! I will document what I’m learning as well as everyday happenings perhaps unrelated to the summer. Please cheer me on as I embark on my blog and hope you follow along!

I have roughly 6 months before my summer extravaganza– I will be going to an intense coding bootcamp and a business conference learning about various trades. I will be focusing on general contracting and cleaning businesses for that portion.

But first– the coding camp I’m attending is Fullstack Academy, a 12 week intense summer of code in New York. I have brief background in Java and Python but I want to hone my skills to be able to compete in the ever growing online and data-oriented space.

The business conference I’ll be immersing myself in is the RICS Summit Series in May, where they will discuss all things construction business related. I wish to learn skills about running a business relating to contracting and construction, such as handyman and paving services.

Catch y’all later!